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  Please read our Return Policy before sending a return.

You must use the Return Authorization Label provided to you via email. This will be in the form of a PDF attachment which will have a barcode and will be sent to you after we log your request at our office. This is NOT sent automatically.

We suggest you check with others at your gym, school or rink to see if they may want to buy the item you wish to return. This can save you money on return shipping and/or restocking fees.

PAY PAL EXCHANGES - Special Note: If you used PayPal for your original purchase, and wish to use PayPal for any additional charges/shipping, please DO NOT choose PayPal as your payment method. Doing this may deduct unnecessary funds from your PayPal account. We will calculate the adjusted amount and notify you of the amount due. Select the PRINT & CALL option for payment.

EXCHANGES & MERCHANDISE CREDIT: Exchange credits will be made based on the purchase price of the item. Shipping charges are not refundable. Merchandise credits held on file for more than 6 months will be subject to a $1.00 per month service charge. (Effective June 1, 2005)

REFUNDS : Items returned for a refund rather than an exchange for another item are subject a 10% restocking fee.

FOILED FABRICS: Foiled fabrics tend to fade, peel, chip, etc. Foiled fabric garments are not warranted against wear, fading, chipping, peeling, etc.

Note:  Beading, stoning, embroidery, resizing or any other alteration voids any warranty the manufacturers may offer. Glues and adhesives vary widely and some may damage fabric. If you are adorning your garment in any way, please be sure to read all manufacturer's instructions and be sure to test the fabric you are decorating to be sure you will have no adverse reactions. We accept no liability for damage to fabrics. Items which have been altered (or alteration attempts) will not be accepted for return under any circumstances.

(Adobe Acrobat/PDF format)

We cannot offer discount pricing if our customers fail to follow our return guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.

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