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South Harbor Sports Home of The Leotard Lady®, Discount Brand Name Gymnastics Leotards, Site Map

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*SPECIAL CLEARANCE* - Take a look at some specials we have available. Gymnastics leotards, gymnastics accessories, etc.

*ITEM OF THE MONTH*   - Take a look at some specials we have each month. Gymnastics leotards, gymnastics accessories, etc.

Accessories - Assorted accessories for gymnasts, dancers, skaters, baton twirlers, jump rope teams
   Bar Grips & Accessories
   Footwear & Legwear
   Grip Bags & Totes
   Hair Twists
   Jewelry and Gifts
   Sportswear & Streetwear

Alpha Factor Gymnastics - Alpha Factor gymnastics leotards are made in the USA or imported. The Leotard Lady carries a nice selection in stock, but due to the extensive line offered we cannot stock all styles in all sizes.
   Alpha Factor - CXS
   Alpha Factor - CS
   Alpha Factor - CINT
   Alpha Factor - CM
   Alpha Factor - CL
   Alpha Factor - AXS
   Alpha Factor - AS
   Alpha Factor - AM
   Alpha Factor - AL & AXL
   Special Order Leotards - from Alpha Factor. If  you don't see the style you want listed in our stock sections, please order through our special order section.

Look-It Gymnastics - well-priced gymnastics leotards made in the USA by Look-It. This brand has become one of our best sellers due to the quality and pricing.
   Look-It - CXS
   Look-It - CS
   Look-It - CM
   Look-It - CL
   Look-It - CXL
   Look-It - AS
   Look-It - AM
   Look-It - AL & AXL

Motionwear Gymnastics - Gymnastics leotards made in the USA by Motionwear.
   Motionwear - CXS (3-4)
   Motionwear - CS (4-6)
   Motionwear - CINT (6x-7)
   Motionwear - CM (8-10)
   Motionwear - CL (10-12)
   Motionwear - AXS
   Motionwear - AS

Shorts, Pants, Skirts

Dance Leotards and Accessories

GK Elite

Golf and Tennis

Skating Apparel & Accessories

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