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AAU Jump Rope     •     US Amateur Jump Rope Federation


UNIFORMS - AAU Jump Rope Events
  • Athletes may wear any type of athletic clothing normally worn in sport competition or exercise activity. Team uniforms must match and may have the team name or logo displayed during competition.
  • Shorts must be of an appropriate, decent, length.
  • Midriff and stomach should not be exposed when an athlete is in the normal standing position.
  • Supportive athletic shoes and socks must be worn to protect the athlete's feet.
  • Short athletic skirts or shorts may be worn with proper matching under garments.
  • Jewelry may not be worn during competition, with the exception of earring studs.
  • Long hair must be worn back off the athlete's face during competition.
  • Costume accessories may only be worn in freestyle and will only be permitted if properly secured to the uniform and if worn throughout the routine.
  • Exceptions will only be made for special needs and with prior approval from the Tournament Director and submitted at registration for that tournament.
Always practice your routine in your competition outfit or uniform prior to the big day. This will insure your uniform does not restrict your movements or interfere with your routine.

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